The Forecast is Awesome

That was a hell of a year. It has been a ridiculously wonderful experience to participate in and learn from the giant, piñata-studded, slightly tipsy party that has been content strategy in 2010. (On the personal side, I’ve had a lot of wonderful conversations and read a lot of spectacular things. And rather miraculously, the members of my immediate family are ending the year alive and in good health.)

Although I’d like to drag you all under the slightly crispy mistletoe for a big smooch, that would be weird and we’d all get colds. So instead, here’s a redacted but enthusiastic list of things coming up on my end in the first quarter of next year:

  • A gobsmacking content-related project from Arc90 that I helped out with, a bit.
  • The relaunch of Loosecubes, a coworking and indie work/life company. Content freelancers and indie people everywhere have much to look forward to.
  • A new blog series dealing with professional ethics, responsibility, and breaking into the content world. (I’d planned to do it in December, but I’m just going to lie here under a glass of eggnog instead.)
  • That book, which is even now being edited by Ms. Brown.

Also coming in early 2011: an enormous and juicy project for the content strategy community, built in collaboration with two secret co-conspirators you already know and love. More on that in January.

The Best Wishes I Have

To my friends and colleagues who’ve had a 2010 full of triumphs and weddings and babies and bliss, I raise a happy toast.

And to those of you whose 2010 has ranged from challenging to ghastly, here’s the thing: We’ve made it to this point—past the darkest day with special bonus total freaking eclipse—and on to the bonfires and champagne. So keep warm, take comfort where you can, and know that we think of you constantly.

A very sweet new year to all of you. Over and out.

4 thoughts on “The Forecast is Awesome

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  2. Hi Erin,

    I came to your website in December, and I’ve been reading past posts almost every day (that might make me a crepper, but I’m making myself known now!) I’m a newcomer to content strategy, and I find it absolutely fascinating. I can’t wait for your new blog series and, of course, the book!


  3. Loved it! Thanks, Erin, for such great insight on an otherwise mysterious topic. I’m feverishly excited to start marrying these ideas into our own process. Oh, and it was very, very funny too. Thanks, so much.

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