Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

Anime character wielding office supplies

Let her fix the content or she will maim you with these common office supplies. (Image source.)

A few weeks ago, before the snowpocalypse, I visited the lovely people at Brain Traffic in their Minneapolis lair. A visit to Brain Traffic central is a lot like walking in on the planning session at the beginning of a heist movie, except that you don’t expect everyone to get shot in the end, and the fridge is full of cupcakes.

The thing about Brain Traffic’s people is that there are a lot of them. In one place. All of them scarily smart, and all working on content strategy projects as though it were a perfectly natural thing to do.

Specialization: Not Just for Insects

In the last ten years, I’ve had the extraordinary good fortune to work with some of the smartest and most talented people in the web world, generally as the only dedicated content person on a web design team. It’s been wonderful, personally and professionally, and I’ve learned a ton about other disciplines. On larger projects, though, I’d begun to wonder how much more I could accomplish for clients (and their readers) with a few more content people.

And in that light, the chance to collaborate with an entire, dedicated team of hardcore content specialists feels a bit like I’ve just discovered that there are OTHER EWOKS IN THE FOREST and they want to make Ewok observatories together and write comic operas.

Jub Jub

So. After a lot of talking and planning and snorting on G-Chat and Skype, I am very pleased to announce that I will be joining forces with Brain Traffic as a senior content strategist working from NYC.

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12 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch Changes

  1. This is fantastic news Erin. Not sure who is more lucky, you or them. Worlds are colliding, in a very very good way.


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  3. Many congratulations! You and Kristina in league together… hoo doggies. I can’t decide if the background music here should be triumphal or ominous. Or maybe it’s just: Wonder Twin powers, activate!

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