What I Do (Professional Edition)

I edit websites and magazines, write books and articles, and do content and communications strategy work as a consultant.

Editorial Work

A screenshot of a Source article on the NSA and cryptography

Source covers ProPublica’s role in the NSA crypto story

I’m currently the editor of Source, a community resource for code and interactive design in newsrooms and news organizations. Source is a project of OpenNews, a partnership that combines technology expertise from the Mozilla Foundation with journalism advocacy from the Knight Foundation.

Before that, I edited A List Apart magazine for ten years, and I still co-edit Contents magazine, (on hiatus till early 2014). Sometimes I edit books, including the second and third editions of Designing with Web Standards by Jeffrey Zeldman (now with bonus Ethan Marcotte) and Dan Cederholm’s upcoming SASS for Web Designers.

Content Strategy

Screenshot of the new U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum website

The new U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum website

Previously, I was editorial director at Happy Cog Studios, a member of Brain Traffic, and a content specialist for various NYC agencies and studios. I’ve done led content strategy projects for Brookhaven National Laboratory, the Charter for CompassionThomson ReutersW.W. Norton & Co., and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, among others.

My handbook for content strategy practitioners, The Elements of Content Strategy, is available from my splendid publisher, A Book Apart. You can read an excerpt at A List Apart or buy it direct in paperback edition or as a set of DRM-free ebook files.


I believe that clear, honest, thoughtful communication—online and otherwise—can make our lives better. I believe that poor communication wastes life, damages relationships, and hinders our ability to think clearly as groups and individuals.

I believe we are smarter and more human as networks than as atoms. I believe the web matters, and that its archives are too important to lose.

I believe in work that supports civic responsibility and compassionate democracy.

I believe we can do better.


I’m on Twitter and you can reach me at erin@incisive.nu.