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The conversation about content strategy, online publishing, and all the subfields and specializations that surround them is flourishing. Wonderfully, it’s no longer possible to keep track of the posts, comments, talks, and events that take place every week within our world. And it’s not just that we’re voluble: our community is extraordinarily generous with knowledge, help, and professional support.

After benefiting from this conversation in so many ways, we’d like to give something back. A bounded collection of ideas and connections. A place to catch up with the movement of our fledgling industry and the much older fields from which it emerged. An editorial lens.

In this spirit, I am so pleased to announce that the first issue of Contents magazine will be online this fall. In it, you’ll find analysis, practical how-to information, essays, event information, and links to the most interesting things going on in and around our field.

Krista Stevens and I are joined in our editorial efforts by Ethan Marcotte, our creative director, and production director Erik Westra. Visit our temporary HQ to learn more, and follow us on Twitter for updates and info. This is going to be so much fun.

6 thoughts on “Announcing Contents magazine

  1. I’m so very excited about this, Erin. Ethan is one of my web development heroes (there is such a thing) and I love your content about content. Congratulations for getting Contents together, and here’s to many wonderful issues!

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